Ethanol Fuel & Outboards

I’ve got a 2002 Mercury Opti Max 175 hp with 445 hours that had 1806 gallons of gas ran through it. The engine has ran flawless until about 2 years ago. While idling it just shut off and would not restart. I changed the filter, bulb, & line for the fix. The tech at the local Mercury dealer showed me the inside of the fuel line. This isn’t mine but this is what it looked like. Unreal isn’t it.

This was why my engine wasn’t getting any fuel. I also have a spin on canister filter that was changed. There’s only 1 filter on my engine but here’s a picture below that had 2 filters installed. The black residue is from a black fuel line that was deteriorating.

A couple things you need to remember is ensure your fuel lines are similar to the picture below.

An engine test today of 40 minutes at 61 MPH, 5600 RPM’s at WOT burning 12 gallons of gas proved that I’m back in business.

Steve Henderson

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