Tri County Bass Club Results “LAKE ROUSSEAU”

Tri-County Bass Club had their tournament Tue Apr 22 on Lake Rousseau. The morning started with air temperature 58 deg, heavy fog, & no wind. Because Rousseau has as many stumps as your yard has blades of grass, nobody hauled tail out of there anyway. Yours truly put the trolling motor down & started throwing a buzzbait at the ramp. About the 5th cast the boat comes to an abrupt stop….I found one of those stumps. I turned the trolling motor, rocked the boat, turned the speed on go fast, tried backing up, forward, did a break dance on the deck, broke the dead silence on the lake with all kinds of MF’s and a few SOB’s….a light turned on and I thought START THE BIG ENGINE STUPID!!! The recent $2200 worth of engine work I had done paid off….the engine STARTED and I barely goosed the throttle & I was floating freely. Now back to work on more practicing casting. That seemed to be my whole day….cast it out….wind it in….Texas rigged worm, wacky worm, Paca Crawl, trick worm, spinnerbait, buzzbait, toad, Devils Horse, all kinds of lipless, Carolina rig….Whenever I have more than 3 rods on the deck it normally can’t be good.

Enough about my tale of naught. Here’s what the reel/real anglers did today: 29 anglers, 75 fish caught, 1st place Cliff Sanders 5 fish 12.11. 2nd place John Hendry 5 fish 12.10, 3rd place Bud Henry 5 fish 12.1….There were 12 limits today and 7 anglers that blanked.


Results for 4-21-2014

Results for 4-21-2014  [Click to see larger image.]

I should have realized that this wasn’t gonna be my day from from start to finish. Once I arrived home my wife said she was hungry and just wanted something from Mickey D’s. She said “go through the drive thru & order a number 14 medium.” Your wish is…..yeah yeah….I get her food & rush home only to hear her say “LOOK!” They put a fish sandwich in a southern style chicken box. I looked at the receipt that I NEVER save (Thank You Lord) and it said “southern style chicken sandwich meal.” So for once it wasn’t my fault. I rushed back to Mickey D’s and got the correct food order scoring multiple points with my wife. So the day wasn’t a total loss.

For more information on fishing Tri-County Bass Tournaments contact Tournament Director Phil McNeal at 352-634-2608.

Steve Henderson

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