Angler Said This Bass Was In The Bag

  • Printed with authors permission – by George Greb of Davie, FL
LAY'S® Classic Potato Chips
While fishing in Weston , FL a one in ten thousand thing happened. I caught a one pound fish, unhooked it, and dropped it back in the water next to the bank. The fish made a quick right turn and swam right into an empty Lays Potato Chip Bag that was already in the water. The only thing hanging out of the bag was the fishes tail. The chip bag headed to deep water but the fish couldn’t see, or dive, and it couldn’t get out of the bag. For ten minutes the bag swam around in open water on the surface, the tail going a mile a minute trying to get rid of the Lays. Not knowing where it was in the lake, it finally made it back to shore  where I was standing. It took ten minutes to rid the fish of the bag. Every time I started to remove it with my rod tip it swam forward back into the bag. Finally I managed to get it close enough to grab it. It was quite a sight watching this chip bag swim all over the lake. A lucky fish, it could be the first product endorsement by a fish.

Thanks George. As well as I’ve been doing lately I’m thinking about getting some Lays Potato Chips and seeing if I could trap a bass….I’ll feed the chips to the brim & toss the bag in the water with hopes of catching one like Wayne Barksdale….. Not really. Hey Wayne what did you catch that behemoth on?!?!


Steve Henderson

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