Fly Fishing Club For Women? YOU BET!

Okay Gals….take notice….If you’ve often wondered what it’s like to stand in a stealth mode near a quiet stream casting a fly to a colorful brook trout OR making 60′ + casts to a tarpon that can very easily be larger than you, then this might be of interest.

At The Villages Outdoor Expo this past weekend, Sharon Hamilton was there promoting her fly fishing with hopes of not only drawing attention to it for the gals, but to try and sign up new members. Hamilton said “there’s nothing like this in The Villages .”  This writer doesn’t know a tippet from a 9 weight rod….I’m a bass guy with other….never mind.

Here’s the low down from Sharon Hamilton:

I’m currently undertaking an effort to create a Women’s Fly Fishing Club In The Villages. I’ve been fly fishing for over 15 years & as a member of Juliana’s Anglers, a New York City fly fishing club for women, I fished most of New York & Connecticut fresh & salt waters.

Club membership has afforded me many opportunities to fish all over the country. I’ve attended fly fishing clinics, in upstate NY, offered by Joan Wulff to include many fly fishing classes offered by The Villages Life Long Learning Center.

If you’re interested in learning about Fly Fishing or honing your existing skills in this soon to be formed Women’s Fly Fishing Club, contact Sharon Hamilton at:                                  

Steve Henderson

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