Villages Outdoor Expo Starts Out With A Bang

Mar 29-30 was the annual Villages Outdoor Expo held at La Hacienda rec center. Unfortunately Saturday many vendors were proudly displaying their wares outside when Mother Nature decided to unleash her fury and dump 2″ plus rain. Of course you can throw in some cloud to ground lightning along with tornado watches & warnings. As for those inside….lets just say they held a captive audience.

Sunday was a whole different ball game with cool, clear, blue bird skies to start a gorgeous day. And with that gorgeous weather came those that were bottled up Saturday stopping at The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club booth asking many questions about where, when, & on what they’re biting on? Well the old saying, “If you can’t baffle them with brilliance, you can beat em with BS.” There were 3….uh experts??….manning the Freshwater Fishing Club booth.


Experts? Randy Disanto, Jim Boylan, Steve Henderson

Lucky for the “experts” many of those questions were asked by snowbirds that were checking out of dodge Apr 1st. Actually some sound advice was given to many that at least knew what end of the rod the reel is attached. The most popular question asked was “Do I need a fishing license?” was amazed how MANY who are in violation. Ignorance is NO EXCUSE. Know the law or the law will know you.

And a twist away from freshwater, native Floridian father & son Captains Steve & Shane Fussell, who are both saltwater guides, concentrate in the Crystal River area treating clients to Tarpon, Redfish, Mackerel, Cobia, Trout, & Shark….just to wet your appetite.

If you want some action in the salt with light tackle whether novice or experienced angler, give Captains Steve or Shane a call. 352-753-2525…..   The amazement of catching several different species of size & color is astounding. And, speaking from experience, it sure beats heck outa measuring a 14″ bass to see if it makes the minimum legal limit to weigh in at a bass tournament. These toothy critters in the salt get big & mean. I love big & mean….fish that is.

Steve Henderson


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