Day 2 & Classic Champs Vying For Win At St. Johns

As predicted the weights were heavy today compared to yesterday and that catapult was engaged….at least for some anyway. Mark Davis started off the day with a 10-2 & total weight 26-7 bringing high praise from the crowd. Although that weight is massive anytime, it was rolled over by former Bassmaster Classic Champion Chris Lane. Lane came to the scales with a career best 37-9 and a 2 day total of 56-4. As emcee Dave Mercer said “the fish were fin freaks of nature”. Day 1 leader, Randy Howell, only slipped 1 notch to 2nd place bringing in 20-2 and a 2 day total of 47-5 almost 10 lbs behind.

Keith Combs came from la la land and brought 28-2 to the scale vaulting him into 7th place.

Usually Florida anglers are favored to be in the top of their game when fishing these waters. Unfortunately 1 well known Florida angler didn’t make the cut. Shaw Grigsby surprisingly wound up 83rd. Grigsby won an Elite tournament on the Harris Chain in 2012.

Another Floridian Terry “Big Show” Scroggins is the bubble boy this time ending up 50th. Scroggins said he doesn’t do well in crowds so fished other areas. It almost cost him a check. The crowd he was referring to were close to half the field in the south end of Lake George in an area said to be 60-80 acres. Talk about “up close & personal”. Anglers were catching fish along side each other but in various sizes.

Jeff Kriet, commonly known as the squirrel, was visibly nervous awaiting his fate of being in the top 50 to fish day 3. Kriet  an 8 time Classic qualifier has finished in the money over 54% of the time. St. Johns tournament is another notch on his rod butt.

Edwin Evers needed 8 oz more to stay in the top 50. Evers finished 51st….1 place out of the $$$. He’s got a 74% success rate of cashing a check.

The “G” Man Gerald Swindle caught 21-15 on day 2 giving him a total of 33-6 placing him in 22nd place. “G” always has something to say and today was no different. He announced that he changed his line & underwear in the boat. I’ll stop here. Use your own imagination.

Day 3 should be another bumper crop of big fish. Many anglers commented that they’re moving up all the time. Those that got bit on day 1 weren’t as lucky as those on day 2. All agree that 1 big bite can make the difference….ask Greg Hackney. The “Hack Attack” weighed in a tree shaker at 10-10.

Don’t change that dial. Day 3’s 50 anglers get whittled down to the top 12. The  top 12 on day 4 will be fishing for a 1st place prize of 100k.

Go to & click on leaderboard to see where your favorite angler finished. .

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