Villages Bass Fishing Tournament—Make Up

The tournament, postponed a day because of stormy weather, was held Tuesday, March 18.  Unfortunately, the fish did not know that it was ‘tournament day” and would not bite.  Just 5 fish were shared by 62 anglers.  It was a fun day, regardless the fish that were NOT caught.  All of us have experienced that if we’ve fished before.

  1. First Place: Dave Markarewicz—one fish, 1.08 lbs., at Poinciana pond
  2. Second Place: Robert Sicurelli—one fish, 0.99 lbs., at Poinciana pond
  3. Third Place: Edmund Anderson—one fish, 0.46 lbs., at Bonita pond
  4. Fourth Place: Lou Thomas—one fish, 0.30 lbs., Bonita pond
  5. Honorable Mention: Oscar Lovering—one fish, 0.26 lbs., Bonita pond

Biggest Fish: Dave Markarewicz—1.08 lbs.

There were 62 anglers: 29 at Poinciana Pond; 22 at Bonita Pond; and 11 at Lake Mira Mar and yes, even one even tried the Bonita swimming pool.  No fish were caught at Mira Mar…or in the Bonita pool.

The following video captures the activity at the three ponds…and Bonita swimming pool.  Photos and video by: Michael Mellesh, Steve Henderson, Jerry Lester.



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