Buckeyes Beat It At The Stick

While Midwest winters have been nothing less than brutal, Ohio native Grant Hamilton headed south for a weeks visit & bass fishing with his long time angling friend Stan Lippian.  Lippian, a Village resident, treated his friend to one of those days on the water that “Gee, I wish I had a kid with me to experience this”! Although not a kid, Hamilton, had 2 banner days with his friend Lippian at the Stick Marsh. The guys caught over 90 bass during the 2 day period with both achieving 5 best in the mid 20 lb range. Lippian also mentioned that his friend lost one between 8-10 lbs when the fish took him into some roots.

Lippian said they caught their fish on Bitters Vibe Worms in watermelon red and also Houdini colored Skinny Dippers.

Hamilton said, “I had a blast!” I asked him if Lippian front ended him? He said, “NO! I was on the trolling motor”. It just goes to show you that 2 Buckeyes can beat it with a stick…and there fellow anglers is the way it wuz  at the Stick Marsh on Mar 12 & 13 2014.

Steve Henderson

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