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Last night’s Freshwater Fishing Club guest speakers were Bill Brooker, Tim Fredrick, & Ricky West.

Bill Brooker, owner of Brooker Bait & Tackle in Leesburg, discussed his bait & tackle shop of the inventory he has in the store from high end rods/reels to sinkers. “If there’s something you want & we don’t have it, I can

order it in for you”, Brooker said. Tim Fredrick & Ricky West, who guide, tournament fish both professional & local opens, discussed their  tactics fishing local waters & beyond. Fredrick said his last guided client from The Villages (TV) asked about shaky head,

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Carolina rig, drop shotting…..”We’ve never heard of this type….what is it?” Fredrick & West both demonstrated each technique with rods that they’d brought with them. After the meeting, TV anglers rushed to the front to watch Fredrick & West demonstrate & answer questions.

Tri-County Bass Club tournament results from March 11 on Lake Griffin: 24 boats, 29 fish caught, 1st place 11.11, Big Bass 7.9…..Next tournament on March 25 is Lake Rousseau launching out of Peaceful Acres.

This is an OVER 55 tournament. For info contact Phil McNeal 352-634-2608.

TVFFC member Jerry Musiel informed me that “Hey was that you I saw on Griffin today about 1100?” I answered yes…..Musiel goes on to tell me the area we fished was sprayed 1 week earlier by 2 airboats…..I thought well hell that’s why I never got a hit….great excuse! Musiel goes on to say that he caught 6 keepers with the largest 8.54# Trophy Catch. I got a picture with full length on scales showing the weight. That’s his first Trophy Catch. WTG Jerry. Spinnerbait enticed the strike.

TV upcoming bass tournament is Monday March 17.

If you’re reading this and haven’t registered to fish….chances are you’re too late. At last nights Freshwater Fishing Club meeting, one of the entrants told the crowd there were over 80 registered to fish the tournament. Then the question was raised how come we’re not counting striped bass? “They’re a bass”, the person said….ONLY IN NAME….not in genetics. They’re a white bass & striper cross bred.

Randy Disanto with update on upcoming Bass fishing tournament.

Randy Disanto with update on upcoming Bass fishing tournament.

THEY AREN’T THE SAME. Comment was made “that’s BS!” My suggestion is to NOT FISH!!! Someone else mentioned “How come the winning anglers aren’t eligible for the guide trip prize?” The guide trip prize was set up for the unfortunate anglers that don’t weigh-in a fish. To your dilemma of being a winner & not qualifying for the guide trip…. I’d say if you’re a winning angler that WAS fortunate enough to weigh a fish….don’t weigh your fish and qualify for the guide trip.

Steve Felix advertising the upcoming fishing trip on St. Johns River, March 25

Steve Felix advertising the upcoming fishing trip on St. Johns River, March 25

For those who’ve owned boats….there’s an old saying the best day of owning one is the day you sell it….normally this is due to some maintenance issues. I’m not there yet but gettin damn close. Feb 14 I dropped my rig off for engine issues. 18 days later I get it back with a bill showing 1 hr of maintenance to change fuel filter. YGBSM < figure it out…..Yesterday fishing a tournament I had an instant replay. I’d ran 8 gal of gas thru engine….It’s back in the shop. This is “To Be Continued”….stay tuned.

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Steve Henderson

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