New Toys – Tactics – Pro’s – At Millers Boating Center

Day 1 of Millers 3-Day Boat & Fishing  Expo was in full swing Friday.  After walking through the gate and discussing fishing with 2-year old angler Master Blake & his alien,

Master Blake

Master Blake

I saw saltwater angler Rick Murphy, TV Co-Host of Florida Insider Fishing Report on Fox Sun Sports, giving a seminar.

Rick Murphy

Rick Murphy

He was talking about Rapala.  Murphy went on to say how many are produced daily. Check this out: In Finland the lures are designed & hand painted. Then they’re sent to Russia to glue on diving lips/bills and have hooks installed.  Then they’re sent to Estonia to be tank tested by women using short rods.  Each lure is attached at the end of the line with a snap and whisked through the water.  The gals have this lure tuning down to a fine science making adjustments as needed. This is done 55,000 times a day….that’s how many lures are produced.  Once finished they are sent to packaging & shipped out by 32 different distributors worldwide.  All this for the average price of around $8 each.  Not bad after being hand painted, assembled, packaged, and shipped.


Next, I met with 3 Professional Bassmaster Elite Anglers….Hank Cherry, Terry Scroggins, and Cliff Prince.  Cherry & Scroggins just fished the Bassmaster Classic. Scroggins said he tried something different that didn’t work & was somewhat disappointed.  I said every bass anglers dreams to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic and win.  You’re to be commended for at least qualifying.  Scroggins finished 25th….Cherry finished 27th.  Prince told me their next Bassmaster Elite Tournament was at Lake Seminole in 2 weeks.

L-R: Cherry, Scroggins, Steve Henderson,  Prince

L-R: Cherry, Scroggins, Steve Henderson, Prince

I later saw Elite Angler Shaw Grigsby and asked him about the fishing show, Major League Fishing.  He said, “It’s like fishing the Bassmaster Classic”. The competition is so intense and nobody knows where we’re going to fish.”  Grigsby also put on a seminar talking about different baits and line. He said he never uses a leader when using braid except when drop shotting.  He also uses 20-30 lb braid on all topwater….even prop baits, BUT he’ll tie a 6″ piece of 25 lb fluorocarbon to the bait that prevents the line from winding around the prop.  Grigsby says he uses a double uni-knot joining braid & fluoro

Double Uni Knot

Double Uni Knot

and a Pitzen Knot at the lure.

Pitzen Knot
Pitzen Knot

The only time he uses a Palomar Knot

Palomar Knot

Palomar Knot

is when using mono.

When charging batteries, not all chargers are designed to charge both lead acid batteries & gel batteries. Minn Kota has created a new digital charger from 1 bank to 4 bank for the 36 volt trolling motor systems. Suggested retail ranges from $99 to $489. Minn Kota also has newly designed 36 volt trolling motors with 112 lbs of thrust. What about having your trolling motor link to your on board GPS unit? Yep – it’ll do that to. It’s  called the Minn Kota I-Pilot .

The new Humminbird side imaging units have dropped in price. For what a 5″ unit used to cost, you can now purchase an 8″ unit. The screens detail is amazing. Waypoints on Humminbird now takes a “waypoint” picture and links it directly to the waypoint on your SD card with their latest HD high frequency sonar unit.

There are many other vendors on the premises and anxious to answer any questions. Tomorrows technology is here today.

Steve Henderson

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