Randy Howell 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion

After 3 days of intense fishing for the most prestigious award in bass fishing, Randy Howell pulled out all the stops and rose to the top of the field of 55 anglers to capture the 2014 Bassmaster Classic. Howell, with his lovely wife and 2 sons, paraded around Birmingham’s arena waving the American flag and supporting the Bassmaster Classic trophy. Howell said “back in October my son wrote a prayer and gave it to me saying that I pray my dad wins the Bassmaster Classic.” Howell said he taped it on his mirror at home & looked at it every day. Howell went on to say that he doesn’t win many tournaments but has always dreamed of being a champion. Well Champ your dream has come true.

Congratulations Randy Howell. You’ll be a great ambassador for all anglers and we’re proud of you for winning the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

See ESPN2 Mar 1st & Mar 2nd to watch the Bassmaster Classic.

  1. Randy Howell 67-8
  2. Paul Mueller 66-8
  3. Edwin Evers 65-11
  4. Ott Defoe 63-6
  5. Randall Tharp 62-12
  6. Jordan Lee 62-1
  7. Todd Faircloth 61.1
  8. David Kilgore 60-7
  9. Doug Thompson 60-3
  10. Adam Wagner 59-3

Steve Henderson

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