Geico Bassmaster Classic Day 2 Bits & Pieces

The late George Jones released a song in 1985 called “The Race Is On”….and is it ever. Day 1 leader Randal Tharp had a 2 hour delay on day 2 while engine techs ran to meet him to change out his lower unit. Tharp said the linkage in the gear case had somehow malfunctioned preventing his engine to go into gear.

In the mean time Edwin Evers, who trailed Tharp by 11 ounces on day 1, vaulted into the lead by a whole 1 ounce on day 2 when he brought 12 ounces more weight to the scales than Tharp. Evers had 20-9 & Tharp had 19-3….but wait/weight….it gets better. In 47th place on day 1 was Bass Nation angler Paul Mueller. Mueller came up through the ranks from an affiliated  Bass Club competing in tournaments to eventually qualify for the Bassmaster Classic the same way former Bassmaster Classic Champion Brian Kerchel did in 1994. Tragically Kerchel died in a plane crash on December 13, 1994. At that time Bass Nation was known as The Federation consisting of Bass Club members throughout the country. Many of these anglers aren’t professionals only by status but have the knowledge  and expertise to compete against the best. Commentator Mark Zona predicted someone will bring a 30 pound bag to the scales. That someone was Paul Mueller with 32-3 on day 2 having him now sitting in 5th place.

Bits & Pieces:

Gary Klein participating in his 30th Bassmaster Classic made his first cast on day 2 with a Zebco 33. Klein mentioned that Zebco was celebrating their 60th anniversary. After day 2 Klein currently sits in 55th place.

Day 1 average weight for a bass brought to the scales was 3.61 pounds.

47% of the anglers threw lipless crankbaits on day 1.

Total weight brought to the scales on day 1 was 864 lbs….15.71 lbs average per angler

And when 43 year old angler Morizo Shimizu, who is from Osaka, brought his fish to the scales on day 1, announcer Dave Mercer was asking him questions about catching Big Momma. Shimizu, who always has a smile on his face, looks at Mercer and turns his hand over. It seems Shimizu, who had written Japanese notes in ink on his hand, had washed the notes away while getting his fish from the livewell. His notes were his equivalent to how to pronounce his English. Regardless Shimizu got his point across and he was still in the hunt for Momma.

Check out for todays final coverage. BASStrakk will be active today so you can see where the anglers are fishing.

What a day….Bassmaster Classic, Daytona 500 and George Jones background music in my man cave…..”The Race Is On”         WHAT…..YES DEAR –  I’LL BE RIGHT THERE.

Steve Henderson

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