Fishing’s Been Tough

There is a Fishing Report Forum hosted by Google Groups in which a dozen of The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club members participate.   These reports provide information about the catching—or not—in local fishing spots.  Here are some excerpts from the last few months—mostly about “not”:

  • 2-18-2014 – Picciola Point on Lake Griffin. 1:30-4:30, 2.6 miles, 0 Bass, 0 bites,  Beautiful day on the water, but one of the few days I’ve been out when I didn’t even hang a weed that gave me hope.  Jerry Lester
  • 2-10-2014 – Another bad day fishing Lake Miona.   Had a bucket of crappie minnows so I decided to wet a line today on Lake Miona.  I fished both crappies and bass from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Did not catch any crappies and caught one 12″ bass and lost another about the same size.  I fished depths from three feet to seven plus feet…. I fished all my so called hot spots plus a lot of areas I don’t usually fish.  It didn’t matter.  I think the only thing that will get fish on this lake, at this time, is the Dupont  Special.  Gary Towers
  • 2-9-2014 – Okahumpka.  Bowling is sounding better all the time. 1 stinking fish MAYBE 7″.  Steve Henderson
  • 2-6-2014 – Ocklawaha south of Moss Bluff.  I started fishing at 1030 with a Blue/Black speedworm. My 2nd cast I caught a waiver fish & missed 2 more within the first 150 yards heading south.  I grabbed my flippin stick and put on a 4 1/2″ Yum Wooly Craw, 4/0 heavy flippin hook, 65# braid, & 1/2 oz tungsten weight pegged with 2 bobber stoppers.  I’ll spare all the details but the largest keeper was 4.02. I caught 9 total with 5 best going “maybe” 10-11. Nothing big but after the 2 previous days/daze this was great. I quit at 1500.  Steve Henderson
  • 2-5-2014 – Lake Harris. Fished from 0700 to 1200. For our zillion plus casts I touched 1 keeper. Neighbor never got a hit.  Another fantastic day of FL bass fishing.  At least we didn’t have to shovel.   Steve Henderson
  • 2-5-2014 – Lake Miona. I totally agree with the other posts that fishing sucks these days.  My friend Joe and I fished Lake Miona this morning from 0900-1300.  Fished crappies until 1130.  Covered most of the lake and caught one 12″er.  We then fished bass using lipless cranks until 1300 and got skunked.  Gary Towers
  • 2-2-2014 – Lake Miona. Threw lipless and square-bill on the SW shore and west end.  Didn’t get a bite.  Jerry Lester
  • 2-4-2014 – Clermont Chain, Lake Minniehaha.  Threw everything  AGAIN but between the 2 of us we both got limits but neither would go over 8-9 lbs. Not 1 decent fish in the 15 or so we caughtSteve Henderson
  • 2-2-2014 – Okahumpka. Fished 5+ hrs throwing everything. I never had a hit the 1st 2 hrs. I caught 9 bass but here’s the kicker. I had 1 keeper that weighed 2+ and maybe 3-4 waiver fish & the rest under 12″. I never had a hit on lipless or toads. Junebug Trick Worm, Black & Blue flake 6″ Speedworm & Devils Horse at least got me bit.  Steve Henderson.
  • 1-14-2014 – Okahumpka.  Fished from 1:30 to 5:30pm from my kayak. Fished with Texas rigged trick worms,  sq. bill crankbait & popper – no fish or bites.
    Caught  a 13 & 10 inch bass on a horney toad cranked fast with the legs spinning over the eel & hydrilla beds.  Gary Leonard
  • 1-13-2014 – Lake Harris.  2:30 to 4:30 with the usual lures – no bites.  Gary Leonard
  •  12-30-13 – Lake Harris. Fished from 2:30 to 5pm, Fished near pads & tall reeds with Texas rigged trick worms – not a bite. Fished open water with rattle trap, KVD 1.5 sq. bill crankbait & a surface popper – not a bite.  While at the basin where our boat is stored(Fisherman’s Cove Marina), I heard loud splashing & thru the popper where it came from.  Caught a 4.3 lb, 22 inch Largemouth.  Gary Leonard

I could continue this miserable history of “not catchin'”, but those who have experienced it don’t want to hear more.  And, the bait and tackle shops and boat dealers will hate that I published it.

Jerry Lester

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