Donna – This One’s For You

While Bassmaster Elite Series professional anglers Greg Vinson, Mark Davis, and Gerald Swindle are fishing the top rated tournament of the year and possibly their career, “The Bassmaster Classic”, their minds aren’t totally on fishing this prestigious event. You see, although fellow angler, Mark Menendez, isn’t fishing the “Classic”, Mark  is sitting out the 2014 Bassmaster Elite Season due to his wife Donna battling pancreatic cancer. Mark is understandably with his wife caring and providing for her every need.

Each Elite angler, in their own special way, has made a commitment to the cause of fighting for Donna and other family members as well whether it’s wearing purple, pink ribbons, or monetary donations. These professional anglers are a family of one. When something happens to a member it affects all. The heart warming generosity and support is not only shared among anglers but also sponsors. Mark Menendez was facing a year without income to care for his wife. Mark elected to drop out of fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series. All his supporting sponsors have elected to pay Mark during Donna’s crisis. And people think the world is in turmoil….here’s corporate America taking a stand and saying “We’re here for you Donna” .

We’ve all known someone who has been affected by this devastating disease, “cancer”, and yes modern medicine has come a long way….but in the end it’s up to the almighty.

Donna when I close my eyes I’m going to ask the almighty to bestow his blessings on you and your family…. because this ones for you.

I lost my sister in 1974 – I love you Sue

Steve Henderson

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