A Gorgeous Day On Griffin But Catching Needs To Improve

My neighbor Stan Lippian swung by the house with his rig at 6:45 am and I asked “Where we going?” He replied “Griffin”! I thought “good” because he’d mentioned Panasoffkee the day before and as much as I like Pan on WINDY days, it can be tough on calm days….the frickin gnats are terrible. Then again you don’t notice them at all when the bass are biting. 🙂

We arrived at the train ramp at Griffin and made the first cast around 7:20 am. I rolled one that was 2 lb> while pitchin a Paca Craw along the edge of some grass. We left and headed towards some of Stan’s favorite areas afterwards only to find them occupied. A slight change in direction and we arrive at the north end of the lake only to start throwing speed worms, swimbaits, & lipless. Stan caught a waiver fish on a swimbait.  Waiver fish are fish referred to by tournament anglers that even though there’s a 14″ minimum size limit on bass, tournament anglers are permitted to weigh in fish between 12-14″. Stan glanced at his fish and turned it loose. As for me….I was rigged & ready for bear…. 65 lb braid, 3/4 oz weight, Gamakatsu EWG  4/0 hook….yep huntin for the big stuff. One problem though….out of the 4 I caught NONE weighed more than 1.5 lb and the 5 Stan caught were no different. The only BIG things we saw today were gators. Good to see them. Griffin has had issues with fluctuating gator populations and size for several years. 

We quit at 1230. After 5 hours of pitchin towards, around, and in aquatic vegetation, we’d both had enough. Once we arrive back at the ramp, we spotted an FWC truck and saw none other than Officer Tom Kist doing paperwork. Officer Kist has been a regular speaker for The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club. Officer Kist looked up and recognized me and came over to discuss todays results. It was a very SHORT conversation….we both laughed. I did manage to talk to Officer Kist long enough to get out of helping Stan wipe the boat down and load the truck. I said farewell to Officer Kist and jumped in Stan’s buggy & headed towards the house.

On the way home Stan mentioned, “The big gals will start showing up soon.” I nodded yes….the weather is finally going to stabilize with warmer night temps in the 50’s instead of down in the 30’s. Now if only my boat was out of the shop. That’s a whole other subject.

Steve Henderson

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