Lake Griffin Before The Storm

I had to try to get the skunk smell out of the boat after blanking at Hernando the day before. Ah yes…. lets go to Griffin….fronts approaching….winds supposed to be 10-20 from the south….dropping barometer….temps upper 60’s….GONE!!

I get to the boat ramp and find I’m not alone. There were 2 spots remaining and the last time I parked under the trees at this ramp my mechanic tells me “It appears you’ve had rodents (squirrels possibly) chew your wires at the gas tank”….so I elected to park out in an open area on the grass. Where’s Phil from Duck Dynasty? He’d cure the gray squirrel over population.

I started flippin a black & blue Yum Wooly Craw along some kissimmee grass when after about 20 minutes I set the hook on a 1.5 lb keeper. Another hour passed & nothing. I switched locations and found some pads near some boat docks. I grabbed a spinning rod with a finesse worm and made 3 short pitches and caught another bass about the same as the first. Fished out the area and moved on with no more action. Searched for areas that I prefer to throw toads….areas with pads that lie flat on the surface instead of stick up several inches out of the water. I love to see a toad slither across the pads on a long cast when all of a sudden you see something moving towards it from several feet away and try to knock it into next week. My trusty toad rod was ready to be put to the test after a few minutes when I skied the 2.59 lb fish across the surface. That’s the largest bass I’ve caught in 2 weeks. MAYBE I’m onto something. A few more casts and the water explodes. The fastest retrieve reel on the market today has a 9.1 gear ratio. I was using a 7.1. If I had a 20.1 gear ratio I still don’t think I could have caught up with that fish. If you heard some grumbling, that was me. I keep telling myself it was a mudder that mother. I continued on for another hour without a bump when I noticed it was getting dark towards the SW. After 4 hours my fun meter was pegged and it was time to go.

Water temps were 62-66….the lake level gauge at the boat ramp was 57.7.

Steve Henderson

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