FWC At FFC October Meeting


Scott Bisping (L), Daniel Nelson (R)

Scott Bisping and Daniel Nelson of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission presented information about the Harris Chain of Lakes fishery

The Lakes have improved over the last 40 years.  Water clarity has improved.  As a consequence, weed growth has increased, which has resulted in greater fish populations.

Creel surveys are used to estimate catch rates. If you have fished Lake Griffin, you may have been surveyed by Denny Denis Dzurinko, one of our club members. In fact, that is Denny in this slide, although difficult to identify.

This is the result of creel surveys on Lake Harris. As to be expected, catch rates are higher for Black Crappie than Largemouth Bass.

This is an interesting chart of total catches per given site in the lakes of the chain. It shows that with the exception of Apopka, the lakes are about the same.

In the analysis of Hydrilla desirability, it was determined that fishing and recreational boating usage was split rather evenly, with boating being slightly greater. Additional survey results indicated that fishermen were inclined to be more tolerant of Hydrilla than boaters, some actually preferring more than at present.

Additional information was presented on the state of the Harris Chain fishery. All in all, it was a very informative presentation by Bisping and Nelson.

Daniel Nelson, FWC

Scott Bisping, FWC

Jerry Lester, 10/9/2019

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Fish Of The Month / September, 2019

The “Dog Days Of Summer” are coming to an end and as temperatures go down the fishing heats up. FFC member Steve Felix has reported several early fall results including this 21lb. 3oz. Longnose Gar,

21lb. 3oz. Longnose Gar / Lake Eustis / 9/9

and a 4lb. 7oz. Bowfin, both taken from Lake Eustis. Steve also reported catching a 1lb. 1oz. Crappie on a recent Guided Lake Sumter trip.

The guided trips started in April of 2018 and this was the first Crappie caught.

Thanks to all who have reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.FOTM
Rob Husson

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R&R Fishing Clinic – September 2019

The first fishing clinic of the season was held Tuesday, Sept. 17th at Miona Rec. Center pond. Fourteen FFC members were given instruction on the many ways to fish a soft plastic worm.

Members Attending The September Clinic

Methods discussed were the Texas rig, Carolina rig, drop shot, and wacky rig. Instruction was also given on the advantages of fishing weightless. Now the big question, do these methods work?

September Clinic – Miona Rec. Center Pond

We will just have to wait a bit as the fish just weren’t responding to our offerings this time. I’m sure it won’t be long before we start getting some good reports from this group. Our clinics are held on the third Tuesday of the month. Any member interested in attending a future clinic, just sign up at any of our regular monthly meetings.

Rob Husson

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FFC Monthly Meeting, September 2019

The first meeting of the 2019-2020 season is now in the books. After some general announcements, upcoming club fishing trip information, and the presentation of “Fish Of The Month” pins, we also welcomed ten new members.
This month guest speaker was Capt. Al Layman from the Bass fishing guide service, Village Angler.com. Capt. Al Laman
With over 40 years of fishing and guiding in Florida’s lakes and rivers, and work with Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Al shared some very valuable information with those attending. Some of the topics discussed were Bass spawning habits, how light can affect bait color, and conditions that can cause stress.
A raffle was also held for a 6 hour guided trip with Capt. Al and was won by FFC member Steve Klonicke and new member Charles Milazzo.

Steve Klonicke – Capt. Al – Charles Milazzo

All who did purchase tickets had a second chance at winning some goodies that Al had provided.

For more information about Capt. Al and Village Angler.com simply click on the Guides/Tackle/More tab at the top of this page.

Rob Husson

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Fish Of The Month – August, 2019

For most of us, this past August wasn’t high on our list of favorite months to fish. Although there were a handful of decent size fish caught it was mostly just casting practice for the rest of us. Now when I say “most of us” I mean everyone but FFC member Wayne Barksdale. Call it luck or call it experience, whatever it is, Wayne can always find ’em. On August 29th, Wayne was headed to Lake Yale but a roadblock and traffic jamb put a quick end to that idea. Next stop was Lake Griffin and it turned out to be the right choice. In just three short hours Wayne landed a total of ten Bass with the biggest weighing in at a whopping 8lbs. 9 ozs.

Wayne Barksdake – 8lbs 9oz. – Lake Griffin

In just five feet of water with lots of grass this giant fell for a speed worm. I’m sure we will be getting a Lake Yale report from Wayne soon.

Thanks to all who have reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.FOTM
Rob Husson

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July Happenings and Fish Of The Month

Two weeks in and nothing reported, it was looking like July was going to be a total bust. Finally on July 16th, FFC member Tom Spade reported his catch.

Tom Spade / 4.4 lb. Bowfin / Lake Eustis

While fishing Lake Eustis at the entrance of Dead River, Tom landed this 4.4 lb. Bowfin. This one was taken with a night crawler.

On July 23rd. FFC member Jim Jones broke his dry spell by landing this nice 3.85 lb. Bass at Calumet pond.

Jim Jones / 3.85 lbs. / Calumet Pond

Jim has been fishing ned rigged TRD Tubez and it seems to be a hit.

FFC member Bob Heinbach has been tossing his “Trash” fly in the pond behind Freedom Pointe and the Tilapia are loving it!

Bob Heinbach / 3.42 lbs. Tilapia / Freedom Pointe

Bob’s latest was taken on July 28th measuring 17-1/4″long and 3.42 lbs. on the scale. Yes, Bob now carries a scale!

FFC member Wayne Barksdale is back on the water and as always has another great catch to report.

Wayne Barksdale / 6lbs. 7oz. / Lake Griffin

This 6lb. 7oz. Lake Griffin beauty was taken with a Horny Toad on July 30th. Wayne also sent along a nice pic of Lake Griffin at sunrise.

Lake Griffin sunrise

It doesn’t get any better than this.
Fish Of The Month – July 2019
We all know that saying that starts with “If at first you don’t succeed” and for FFC member Steve Felix, it now has special meaning. Some time back Steve caught a Bass that would have qualified as a Florida “Trophy Catch” contender. Unfortunately it was not approved due to improper handling of the scale. Now let’s fast forward to July 22nd. While fishing Lake Eustis in an area just south of Dead River, Steve was given a second chance when he got into yet another “Trophy Catch” qualifier.

Steve Felix / 8 lbs. / Lake Eustis

This one wasn’t going to give up easy because in the struggle to get this one in the boat, Steve’s rod broke! When he finally got it in and on the scale (correctly) the magic number of 8lbs. appeared. It looks like Steve will be sporting a cool “Trophy Catch” T-shirt soon.
Thanks to all who have reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.FOTM
Rob Husson

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Fish Of The Month / June, 2019

With air temps in the mid 90’s and feels like temps in the triple digits, summertime fishing can be quite a challenge. If you dress appropriately, stay hydrated, and you are prepared to try different methods, you will be rewarded. It appears that FFC member Trevor Bailey has a good handle on things and he reported several nice June catches. On a June 6th outing on Lake Griffin the catch of the day was a nice 4lb. 9oz. Bass taken with a One-Knocker. A second trip to Griffin on June 14th had even better results. A 6lb 1oz.

Trevor Bailey, 6lbs. 1oz. Lake Griffin

and a 7lb. 9oz. Bass taken with a One-Knocker and a frog. WTG Trev, hope the streak continues.

Trevor Bailey 7lbs. 9oz. Lake Griffin

Now we have all heard the term “Photo Bomb” and here is a good example.

Bob Heinbach “Photo Bomb”

It’s FFC member Bob Heinbach and his latest catch. This nice 17″ (approx. 3lb.) Villages pond Tilapia was taken with what Bob calls a “Trash” fly.

17″ Villages Pond Tilapia

It looks like Bob is on to something here with his custom design. Club President Randy DiSanto recently road tested one of Bob’s creations and its a winner.FOTM
Thanks to all who have reported and sent in pics. Keep them coming.
Rob Husson

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