TV Freshwater Fishing Club Minutes for 11-14-2017

  • Our guest speaker this evening was Bill Brooker, owner of Brooker’s bait and Tackle in Leesburg Fl.
  • Bill invited the membership to the shop’s 7th  Anniversary  open house sale, Music, free BBQ lunch, Raffles, plus 20% discount on selected items. [Hope the membership supports this event, as Bill is a good friend of our club.]
  • Also in attendance at the meeting:  Grady Maynard and his associate Zack Slankard, both licensed guides here in Florida.  Grady gave some Flippi’n and Pitch’n tips. While Zack spoke about Crappie guiding, he is also a custom rod builder.
  • The club will be raffling a guided  Bass trip for two members at our December meeting  with Grady and a guided Crappie trip  for two members  with Zack at our January meeting.
  • The Rob & Randy 3rd Tuesday clinic had 20 sign-up’s, largest group as of yet.
  • Fish of the month pin was  awarded to our newest Board of Directors member Jim Jones.
  • The “Villages Starter Kit” raffle was won by Dick Pawell.
  • The meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.
  • Our Guests remained to answer any additional questions members may have had.

Randy Disanto

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Villagers for Veterans Thanks the Freshwater Fishing Club

V for V Thank You

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FOTM – Fish Kill – Gettin To The Point AGAIN

Jim Jones FOTM wt 6.10 caught on 5″ Junebug Yum Dinger 10/18/17 (click any pic to enlarge)



Freshwater Hall Of Fame Member, Shaw Grigsby, used to have a fishing show named “One More Cast”….and Villager Jim Jones echoed those words before leaving a retention pond recently in The Villages. Jim said he was catching 1 pounders on a Junebug colored 5” Yum Dinger when this beauty decided to eat. This 6 lb 10 oz bass was the result & with that Jim is awarded the Fish Of The Month (FOTM) and a new fully rigged Phoenix Bass Boat with Cadillac Escalade Tow Vehicle.  Ok just kidding….that aint gonna happen. But you will receive special recognition of FOTM from FFCVP Rob Husson. Jim said he caught the bass by slowly twitching the 5″ Junebug Yum Dinger on a wide gap 3/0 Gamakatsu crimped barb hook, 1/8 oz bullet sinker, Hanes T-Shirt, Right Guard deodorant, Brillcream,…hey look….if you’re interested in the rest of the story you’ll have to talk to Jim….all I can say is for “MOST” of us, this bass would be a fish of a lifetime. Congratulations Jim Jones for the FOTM.

Trevor Bailey Villages Retention Pond Wt 3.7 lbs.

And what about FFC Board Member Trevor Bailey and his bass?!?! I’d loved to have had that in a tournament recently….or ANY fish for that matter. Don’t see too many boats or jet skies running around here either. Members often ask me where to go & catch fish? Venture no further than your backyard most of the time….in The Villages….there’s ALWAYS a chance for a Trophy Catch that’s recognized by the state of Florida. Sign up at the top of our home page by clicking on the link TrophyCatch. We have a few members that have already cashed in….it costs nothing to join & you may win a fully rigged Pheonix Bass Boat….SERIOUSLY!!!


Bob Knorr wt 5.34 one of 2 days that he & brother Ed won big bass at Kissimmee

Villager Bob Knorr & his brother Ed fished a tournament at Kissimmee out of Grape Hammock Fish Camp on Oct 13-15….Here’s the skinny from Bob:

“Fished this past Friday, Sat., and Sunday out of Grape Hammock Fish Camp. We won big fish pot on Fri. And Sat. With A 5:34lb. And Sat. With a 6.25 lb largemouth. We both caught our limits , 5 Fish each day. I fished as a guest, he won the two day event with a total of 32 lbs.”

“Great fishing. Fished in the lake with Gambler “Big Easy” swim baits and super Zara Spooks. Then fished each afternoon fishing 3/4 oz red eye Strike King rattle trap type baits, white sides, Black back.”

Closer to home, here’s Rip Strautman and his wife Marney who are regular clients with local guide Captain Grady Maynard. After reading this you may want to contact Captain Grady Maynard (352)536-0855 for a fish outing….Here’s Rip’s own words:

“My wife, Marney, and I fished Lake Harris today (10/18/17) from 7:15 to 11:00 a.m. and caught about 30 bass between the two of us.  For the vast majority of catches we were using shiners under bobbers.  But we caught a few on shiners under balloons and 3 on shiners rigged on a dropshot rig with no bobber!”

Marney & Rip Strautman 10/18/17

The numbers were:
less than 2 pounds = about 6
2 to 4 pounds = about 20
5+ pounds = 3
6+ pounds = 1




As a result of recent hurricanes and rain, some lakes have suffered fish kills. Yesterday at Lake Hernando FWC Officials were there for some reason with 4-5 airboats and a dozen employees. One official commented about Lake Rousseau, that just had a kill, may take 3 years to return to normal….another lake closer to The Villages is Lake Panasoffkee that also was affected. The old saying the strong will survive is true. Fish kills in Village retention ponds are a common occurrence….and you think OMG they’re all dead. Give your local fave pond a chance & it’ll recoup. Fish kills happen often due to depleted oxygen in the water. And NO, heavy rains do not input oxygen in the water.

Below is a beautiful sunrise on a backwater area of Lake Hernando. Serene & loaded ??? with fish. Here’s results from a small tournament at Hernando on 10/24/17:          24 fish caught, only 2 of 11 anglers had a 5 fish limit, 1st place was 5/5.52, Big Bass was 1.55 lbs.  Now yours truly fished also.

Sunrise Hernando 10/24/17

The morning started out with a beautiful sunrise and a fish within 5 minutes on a Devils Horse. Problem was the fish wasn’t much bigger than the lure. It went down hill from there. Let me get to the point….

And you thought you’re were having a bad day???




Thank God I had sunglasses on. I used side cutters to clip the split ring then wrapped braid around the hook and it popped right out. Hey Phil McNeal does this sound familiar??? This was one time I was glad that I didn’t change the back set of hooks to KVD extra strength triple grips…. Speaking from a voice of experience…. Although this looks painful – I felt nothing from the time of insertion to removal….and NO I won’t demonstrate at the next meeting. One other thing….did I mention iphones don’t float??? And with that my wife cheered…. “I get a new phone”…. Yes dear….rickinwrackinfrickinfrackin  I inherited her old phone.

Hey don’t forget our next monthly FFC membership meeting on Nov 14 when Bill Brooker from Brooker Bait and Tackle in Leesburg will tell us about all the new tackle in the industry along with his annual December Open House. If you’ve not been in the past, there’s all kinds of factory deals with reps & pro’s on hand and a free BBQ lunch. Look for me….I’ll be there too & hopefully not displaying my latest body piercing episode.

If you like what you see, scroll down the right side of home page & sign-up. We take the pain out of fishing….sometimes 🙂

FFC LOGO – Custom Apparel 3451 Wedgewood Ln Southern Plaza near Publix

Villages Starter Box 91 pc $85.99 – Tournament tested & works in FL available Brooker Bait (352) 460-0695







Brooker Bait & Tackle 7th Anniversary Sale










Editorial comment:

The Daily Sun has elected to cut drastically all notices submitted to the recreation news department. Last year we were told to reduce to 150 words….and since then it’s been reduced to 50 words. N0 promotion of any events will be listed in the rec news. So, to find out what’s happening I suggest clicking on Meetings/Events at the top of the home page.

Steve Henderson

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Pro Challenge 2017

 Meeting at Miona Rec .Ctr. parking lot on Friday, Oct. 13th, at 8:00 AM ready to compete in the 1st “Pro  Challenge”, the 2 teams assembled, The “Pro” team ( blue hats) captained by resident Pro Angler Tim Frederick, and the”Challenging” team (red hats), captained by Club member Chip Austin, prepare for the competition.

Ready for battle, the “Challenging” team soon discovered that they are one member down. Fortunately, club member Bob Armbruster, who had just come by to see the teams off, was now swept up into the fight as a substitute team member.

The “Pro” team decided to go to Miona pond first, while the “Challenging” team, to Poinciana pond.

Blue strikes first, 2 lbs.- 4 oz. caught by Pro Angler Tim Frederick, with a counter from the red team, of 2 lbs. – 0 oz. caught by Chip Austin.  Back and forth, 1 lb. – 0 oz. from the blue team, caught by Mark Ciruej, with a red team response of 2 lbs.- 0 oz. caught by Bob Armbruster ( Mr Sub).

Both teams decide to pass on Duval and Ardson ponds, and head to the “Honey Hole” Bonita pond.

Now, face to face, it continues.  Red team strikes first, 1 lb. – 2 oz., caught by Jim Geiger, countered by blue team member Keith Flanders, with a matching 1 1b. – 2 oz. catch.

As the 12:00 PM deadline neared, it appeared that the “Pro” team may be in trouble!

Headed to Market Sq. for the “weight in” at Cody’s restaurant, where it was confirmed, the “Challenging” (red) team was victorious with a 5 fish total, 8 lbs. – 0 oz., defeating the “Pro” (blue) teams’ 5 fish total, of 7 lbs . – 11 ozs.

Each member of the winning team was presented a plaque commemorating the event, with consolation prizes to the runners up.

Total fish caught, by both teams 37.

Total weight, by both teams, 33 lbs. – 12 ozs. 

Recorded by Randy Disanto and Rob Husson

Photos by Bruce Kramer (Click on any photo for a larger version.)

Photos of 4 members of the Challenge Team by Rob Husson

Lunch at Cody’s followed the fishing.

Cody's Lunch

The Pro Challenge trophy which went to the Challengers this year.20171014_105035

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“Pro Challenge” with Tim Frederick

FLW pro angler, Tim Frederick, of Leesburg, spoke at the October meeting of The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club. Frederick answered questions from members anxious to improve their Bass catching techniques.

FLW Pro Tim Frederick

Teams were selected by raffle to compete in the 1st “Pro Challenge” that will take place on Oct 13th, 8:00am to noon, on the Villages ponds.  Fishing is to be followed by lunch at Cody’s in Sumter Landing

Members were selected to fish on the “Pro” team, ( captained by Tim Frederick)
and a 5 member team assembled to fish against the “Pro” team.

Pro Team, consisting of Keith Flanders, Mark Ciruej, Terry Spencer, Rip Stautman, Tim Frederick (Center)


Challenge Team, consisting of Chip Austin, Capt. (center), Jim Geiger, Rick Maslowski, Neil Parkhurst, Penn Groggin

Jerry Lester


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Numbers Better Than Nuthin

In the midst of publishing a feel good story, our country suffered a terrible tragedy on Sunday night October 1st at a country music concert in Las Vegas, NV due to a senseless act for reasons yet to be determined. The suffering by those in attendance is unconscionable. For those who perished, their families, the wounded, the first responders, law enforcement, entertainers, anyone who was there or affiliated with the concert, prayers go out to all of you. I pray that we never have to endure anything like this again. I pray that we’ll pull together as a country. I pray that if your fellow man requires help, you’re there. Tears and grief have consumed many. The emotional devastation will last for years to come but personally I’ve found you can be closer to your maker at the front end of a boat. God bless all of you and remember to hug your love ones.




Webmaster Jerry Lester 2 lbs
Caught on #3 Mepps Comet

Web Master Jerry Lester & I were fishing Griffin 9/20/17 & watched bass busting the surface eating what appeared to be 2-3″ brim. Oh yeah baby we’re on em now….like hell. This reminded me of chasing stripers, wipers & white bass on the Ohio River. Find them schooling and you’re in for a blast. NOPE !! These fish wanted something we didn’t have….well almost. I pulled out a smallmouth bait that I used (and you’ll never hear me say this) up north called a #3 Mepps Comet. I threw it & caught 5 and missed numerous. The hooks kept straightening. Dejected Lester looked like a lost puppy so I tossed him a lure & boom….he caught one. That took us 2 hours to catch 6 fish. No giants – for me it was aggravating. I fished every technique known to hmmm – forgot his name – anyway I said screw it and away we went.

Outflow from Lake Griffin at Moss bluff Lock…start of Oklawaha River that flows into St. Johns at Palatka (72 miles)

The reason the bass have been schooling is that they’re releasing water from the Harris Chain causing current that normally activates fish. I took a ride on 9/21/17 to see if they were releasing water from the Moss Bluff Lock & Dam. That was easily verified because the water on the lower side of the dam was up considerably.

Lock Master Ramirez has been doing this for 15 years.




I asked Moss Bluff Lock Master, Mr. Ramirez, what the normal water level is for the Oklawaha River and he replied around 7 1/2 ft. Look at the gauge and do the math….quite a bit of difference. It’s apparent that the St. Johns River Mgt District had the dam open. Check out the white water in the pic above. Below was the level the day I was there.

Normal level 7 1/2 ft 9/21/17

Don Millich got 10 all about same size  watermelon red fluke 9/25/17

Don Millich whacked me from the back of the boat 10 to 5 while throwing flukes on Griffin. We could not buy a top water bite nor a big fish. None over 2.8 lbs. Saw plenty & missed as many as we caught but at least we had action = FUN !!

Barksdale with friend Sam Skaggs caught 20 nice 2-3 lb bass today on Ultravibe Speedworms Junebug Color

And none other than Wayne Barksdale, a regular on here, fishing with his friend Sam Skaggs, out does us as usual by catching 20 + bass today between 2 & 3 lbs on a Zoom Ultravibe Speedworm in Junebug color while fishing the Harris Chain. Barksdale, like me, said he was catching numbers, just nothing big or “Mobey’s” as he refers to them.

Waylon Padget of Fruitland Park shows off a bass he caught at Herlong Park

Waylon Padget with Rattle Trap bass

Here’s an old buddy….ok young buddy….6 y/o Waylon Padget of Fruitland Park is catching bass but as he’s growing, his fish are shrinking. Not all of them. I’m sure step dad Dan will put him on lunkers soon. Nice job young man 🙂



Tournament results from Lake Hernando had a lot to be desired on 9/25/17. Director Bill Genes said 13 boats entered and first place was a 5 bass limit that weighed 7.59 lbs. And to top that, the first place winner, Dave Simms, also had big bass of 4.24 lbs. That left his remaining 4 giants to weigh a total of 3.35 lbs….with that I say “Welcome to Hernando” !! That lake, or the whole Tsala Apopka Chain is strange. This is where a 9 to 11 lb stringer of 5 will get you in the money or win. Then there’s an occasional double digit hawg that is brought to the scales. There was one recently posted being caught on Lake Henderson over 10 lbs in Bassmaster Magazine.

Tim Frederick




Our next FFC meeting, on Oct 10th, will feature Touring FLW & Bassmaster Professional angler Tim Frederick. Tim will discuss fishing his home waters, the Harris Chain, and beyond. If you have questions, here’s your chance to get some answers.



FFC LOGO – Custom Apparel 3451 Wedgewood Ln Southern Plaza near Publix
1400 plus Lakes in
Lake County, FL

Villages Starter Box 91 pc $85.99 – Tournament tested & works in FL available Brooker Bait            (352) 460-0695








Steve Henderson

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Before – During – After

Jack Hoban Caught 9/1/17
Villages Retention Pond
Wt 4.0 lbs

(Click on any picture to enlarge)

September 1st, “Top Water” Jack Hobin caught this nice 3.97 pounder….lets call it 4 lbs… a retention pond in The Villages on a black & blue Senko.  Now that’s the way to start off a good day. WTG Jack!!!

rickinrackinfrickinfrackin – My head turned when a  3 1/2′ toothy critter

So while Jack Hobin is catching bass, yours truly 9/3/17 is catching….well see for yourself. This fool hit when I had my head turned….I heard a sploosh, paused, then set the hook….I gotta good one here….I thought….wrestled it from the slop & the next thing I saw was a head – then I startled rattling off….never mind. All I wanted was my bait back. Cut line 😦

Yours Truly  Caught 9/3/17
Griffin Wt 5.5 Bait Spro Aruka Shad


The day wasn’t a total loss for me when this’n grabbed a 5/8 oz Spro Aruka Shad. Yeah baby….made up for my lure donation to that toothy critter….almost. Weight was 5.5 lbs. Take them this size everyday. My day was done shortly afterwards with only 2 bass & the gator.

8 y/o William Mosher Gets it Done At Herlong Park with a nice 3 lbr. He & his Dad caught 2 while I was loading the boat. Other slightly smaller. 9/3/17

Upon my arrival back at the ramp I notice this young man holding a 3 lb bass. I beached the boat & asked if I could take his picture. This was the second bass caught within minutes of each other….and not a bad one at that. These are probably release fish from a tournament.

Trevor Bailey hoists 1 of 25 or so bass he & Wayne Barksdale caught

This duo whacked them on Sep 13 at Griffin
48 hrs after Irma

On Sep 13, just 48 hours after Irma blew through, didn’t stop Wayne Barksdale & Trevor Bailey from going to Lake Griffin. Barksdale told me that they caught 25 bass on junebug trickworms over cover with most ranging 2-4 lbs. Nice job fellows.

9/16/17 Level 65.30 Post Irma Top of Deaton Ramp – Level 63.55 on 8/29/17
















Villages Starter Box 91 pc $85.99 – Tournament tested & works in FL available Brooker Bait


Don’t forget about the Villages Starter Box…91 piece $85.99, Tournament Tested, Works in Florida waters….order in advance at Brooker Bait & Tackle in Leesburg. (352)460-0695 Just tell them you want The Villages Starter Box.




FFC LOGO – Custom Apparel 3451 Wedgewood Ln Southern Plaza near Publix


If you want a FFC logo shirt, hat, whatever….go to Custom Apparel. You can buy something from them or take in your own & have it monogrammed.



If you like what you see scroll down the right side of the home page & sign up. As always you’ll only see what we consider relevant to our sport. Pictures are submitted by individuals and fishing reports are from sources you can trust including the good bad & ugly.


As I sit here with the Weather Channel on only to hear that we have a new Tropical Storm named Maria, Jose is a Cat 1 hurricane and just east of FL heading north but will impact the NE coast. The weather guys weren’t happy with the possible path of Maria. Yeah it’s waaaay out there yet BUT….You know the drill….gas, water, food, lodging, & $$….If you can read this you’re blessed to have electric. Lake County 2804, Marion County 1957, Sumter County 2903….These numbers are NO ELECTRIC & taken off the web site. I haven’t even looked at Duke Energy. Please, don’t wait until the last minute to obtain the essentials. Tomorrow may be too late. Thank you first responders, tree trimmers, linemen, guardsmen, & LEO’s….AND our neighbors who have helped all of us get through this. We’ve got a long way to go.


Steve Henderson

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