Terry “Big Show” Scroggins Speaks At January Meeting

From selecting a rod to choosing what type of bait to use, Terry covered it all at the January meeting.

Tips For Selecting A Rod

He described in detail some of the best performing baits and how with slight modifications they can be made even more effective. Something as simple as trimming the skirt on a chatterbait to make it run deeper or adding a small spinner blade to a soft plastic worm to make it vibrate.

Modification To Soft Plastic Worms

He also shared some of his favorite colors and how water clarity is a factor when selecting color. Terry also provided some very helpful information to those who fish the St. Johns River. Fish seem to be active in areas of moving water. Great information for those attending this months trip.
Rob Husson

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Fish Of The Month – December 2018

After some fairly good fall fishing 2018 certainly ended on a much quieter note. A decent size catch in December was as rare as hens teeth but FFC member Frank Martines put in the time and was rewarded with this nice 4.1lb. Villages pond catch.

Frank Martines – 4.1lb. – Villages Pond

So where is Frank in the pic? Well Frank has a real cool way of taking pics of his catch. He sets the timer on his cell phone, places it on the windshield of his golf cart, holds up his catch, and bingo, done!! Just needs to move a little more to the left next time so all can see the happy angler.
Thanks to all who have sent in reports and pics. Keep them coming.FOTM
Rob Husson

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R&R Fishing Clinic / December 18th 2018

In cooler than normal temps fourteen FFC members met at Calumet pond for the December clinic.

FFC Members / December Clinic

This month we took a different approach with a soft plastic jerk bait on a Carolina Rig. Although not new the Yum “Swurm” has some great features. It is very soft and flexible yet seems to be quite strong. It can be rigged several different ways and has a lifelike movement with very little effort. We tried the 6.25″ size in three different colors with hopes of landing “The Big One” but the fish had other thoughts.

Yum “Swurm”

All agreed to spend more time with this bait and I’m sure that we will get some good reports soon.
If you would like to join us at one of our monthly clinics you can sign up at our regular monthly meeting.

Rob Husson

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December Guest Speaker & Raffle Winners

Our guest speaker at this months meeting was Coast Guard certified Captain Zack Slankard. His passion for fishing really comes across when sharing his knowledge with others.

Capt. Zack Slankard Addressing FFC Members At The December Meeting

Zack described in detail the best tactics to use for the upcoming Crappie season which peaks from the end of December to the end of January. He also mentioned that Herlong Park is currently closed for facilities work and that the Griffin State Park launch is free. Also at this months meeting we raffled off a guided Crappie trip with Capt. Zack. The two lucky winners were Jack Hoban and Don Kindilien.

Jack Hoban, Capt. Zack, Don Kindilien

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Brooker Bait & Tackle 8th Anniversary Sale

This annual event should be on every anglers calendar. Not only a great opportunity to purchase quality gear at great prices but also a chance to meet the local pros and pick up some tips. On hand at this years event were Shaw Grigsby, Mark Menendez, Cliff Prince, Peter T, and Tim Frederick. There were also raffles, door prizes, and a great BBQ lunch.

FFC Members & Pros / Brooker’s / Dec 1st, 2018


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Fish Of The Month – November 2018 / And A Stringer Of Fish

Whenever I get a message from FFC member Jon Young, I know it’s gonna be something good and his last message didn’t disappoint. It looks like Jon has found a “Honey Hole” on the Oklawaha River. Fishing on November 8th in the same general area where he landed a 9+ pounder in October, he landed this 7lb. 4oz. beauty. WTG Jon, we’re looking forward to your December report.

Jon Young 7lbs. 4oz. Oklawaha River

If you still need proof that there are some pretty nice fish swimming in our local ponds, check this out. FFC member Richard Shire landed this nice 7lb. 5oz. beauty while fishing Santiago pond on November 26th.

Richard Shire 7lbs. 5oz. Santiago Pond

This pond has always produced some decent size fish. Its easy access and long shoreline make it a favorite for many.

A Stringer Of Fish
Now here’s a fishing story that just has to be shared. Based on recent reports of some pretty good fishing on Lake Sumter, Pres. Randy DiSanto, Chip Austin, and yours truly decided to book a trip. On November 23rd, with cool temps and a slight breeze we weren’t sure what would happen. Well it didn’t take long to record several nice fish. At one point while fishing a 3/0 hook Texas rigged worm, I got into what I thought was a Lake Sumter monster. As it neared the boat I could see that a second fish was trying to steal the bait from the one I had hooked. A quick scoop of the net revealed what really happened.

Me #1

Rob Husson  7lb. 12oz. double catch  Lake Sumter

When the first fish (3lbs.) took the bait the hook protruded from it’s lip with the worm still attached. When fish number two (4lbs. 12oz.) saw what appeared to be a quick snack it grabbed it pulling the hook right through the lip of number one making two fish on a stringer. I removed the hook from number two, cut the hook off and pulled the line back through the lip of number one. After both fished were released I said to myself “If only Kim Stricker could have filmed it” After fishing several areas around the lake, the final count for the trip was 43 and a great story to tell.
Rob Husson

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“Pro Challenge” 2018 Results

The second annual “Pro Challenge” was held Thursday, November 15th. The four competing teams met at the Miona Rec. Center. They were given final instructions and a map of the five ponds to be fished. The team Captains decided which ponds to fish and in what order. After some last minute strategizing and a little trash talking, teams headed out at 8:00 am sharp for the four hour event. The “Orange” team, captained by “Pro” Shaw Grigsby started at Miona Rec. Center pond. The “Blue” team captained by John Rohan and the “Red” team captained by Ron Freund went to Poinciana pond. The “Green” team captained by “Pro” Tim Frederick took a different approach and took his team to Bonita pond, the furthest away from the starting location.
As each team moved from pond to pond the numbers started to add up and all four teams had fish recorded.

John Rohan 1lb. 6oz.

Teams also picked up several spectators along the way and was a definite morale boost.



After four hours of fun the four teams headed to Cody’s Roadhouse where the winning team was announced and awarded commemorative plaques. The Villages Rec. Dept. provided goodie bags to all participants. The club also gave each participant a nice selection of soft plastic baits.


Here’s The Results………….
After a disappointing loss last year, Tim Frederick’s “Green” team wins with with a best five fish total weight of 20lbs. 11oz.
The winning team also recorded the biggest fish, a 6lb. 2oz. monster caught by Wayne Shepherd.

Challenge 4

Wayne Shepherd 6lbs 2oz.

Shaw Grigsby did record a non-qualifying 4lb. 12oz. Channel Cat.

challenge 14

Shaw Grigsby 4lb 12oz Channel Cat

23 fish were caught with a total weight of 36lbs. 3oz.
Here’s where things now stand. “Challengers” win in 2017, “Pros” win in 2018. Next year????

Challenge 5

Tim Frederick 4lbs. 13oz.

Special thanks to the “Pros” Shaw Grigsby and Tim Frederick and Director of Recreation John Rohan for taking time from their busy schedules to make this years event a huge success.Challenge 12
Thanks also to FFC member Dave Dupas for some great pics.

Rob Husson

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